Code of Professional Ethics

The ICOM Code of Professional Ethics for museums represents the foundation of ICOM’s mission. It defines the minimum standards for professional work in museums. Upon joining the ICOM, members commit to respect this code. It was passed unanimously at the 15th General Assembly of ICOM in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 4 November 1986. It was amended and supplemented at the 20th General Assembly in Barcelona, Spain, on 6 July 2001 and the new text confirmed at the 21st General Assembly in Seoul, Korea, in October 2004. Consequently, in November 2004 the Slovene National Committee made preparations to publish the code in Slovene and did so in April 2005. The code contains the fundamental ethical principles vital to the work of museum professionals and represents a tool for shaping the public provision of museum services. It defines both the minimum standards that museum workers around the world need to meet and what the public can expect from the museum profession. The Slovene National Committee was the first to publish the new code of ethics in its own language. The text was edited and revised by Jerneja Batič, Ralf Čeplak Mencin, Dr. Marjeta Mikuž and Gregor Moder.