Members may be individuals, institutions or associate organisations working in the museum field, in protection of the natural and cultural heritage, and in other fields connected with the preservation, documentation, protection and presentation of heritage. Upon joining the ICOM, which includes more than 30,000 professionals and institutional members around the world, each new member commits to respect the ICOM Code of Professional Ethics, which represents the basic standards for work in museums. Members complete the relevant application form (individual or institutional) and the ICOM Paris issues a membership card. Each member can join one of the 31 International Committees devoted to issues connected with different types of museum; once again, it is the ICOM Paris that issues the membership card.

Obligations of members

Every member must pay an annual membership fee upon receipt of a payment request. The National Committee collects these fees and forwards most of the money to Paris. 

Benefits of membership

Members become part of the international museum community, are able to take part in international missions and can make use of the ICOM’s wide range of benefits (the membership card gives free access to many museums around the world; discounts are available on publications and articles in museum shops; the annual publication ICOM News is free of charge; access to ICOMMUNITY, a new interactive online platform; access to ICOM international conferences; various exchange programmes; and so on).  

Information for students on opportunities for museum work at the international level, at the International Council of Museums.

It is possible for students to become actively involved in the ICOM, which since 1991 has a National Committee in Slovenia, with its seat currently at the Museum of Recent History in Celje. This represents the largest international non-governmental museum association that promotes in different ways around the world the preservation and development of cultural and natural heritage.